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The Future of the Local Print Shop

The printing industry is certainly changing, but contrary to some¬†of the bearish sentiments out there, it is not going away. ¬†The need for architects, engineers, construction managers, designers, artists, marketers, etc. to “mark on substrate” will continue long into the foreseeable future. ¬†The persistent questions are: What is the future for the local print shops?… Read more »

Plans for 2017

Well, our little company enjoyed remarkable growth throughout 2016, and already 2017¬†is¬†off to a roaring start! ¬†January has brought¬†our largest volume of orders so far. ¬†Builders, contractors,¬†architects, engineers, construction crews, and seamstresses continue to find our website and fall in love with our easy online ordering¬†services, as well as our unbelievably low¬†prices on plan printing…. Read more »

What’s Happening in Reprography

According to Wikipedia, “reprography is the reproduction of graphics¬†through mechanical or electrical means, such as photograpy¬†or xerography. Reprography is commonly used in catalogs and archives, as well as in the architectural, engineering,¬†and construction industries.” ¬†It is this last part of the industry that we are focused on here at This industry has been changing… Read more »

The Alternative to the “Print Shops Near Me”

It has been an unfortunate, decades-long, tradition in the design and build industries to¬†waste many valuable man hours running around town, dealing with “print shops near me” sales reps, and paying high prices to get construction plan printing done. ¬†¬†is changing all this. ¬†We like to say we are bringing the dot com revolution to… Read more »

What is the best paper and print for construction use?

We get asked a lot about the “best” paper and print for construction job site printing, and there are a few things that make this process of choosing paper and printing easy by asking 3 simple questions. 1. What is the print to be used for (job site trailer, overlays, estimating, etc)? 2. How long… Read more »

Getting Architectural Drawings and Specifications Delivered

Delivery of large format construction documents and architectural drawings is not something construction firms often think of. ¬†There are not a lot of companies out there that offer this serivce. The traditional model for getting drawings printed has long involved multiple trips to the local reprographer or print shop to explain what is needed, place… Read more »

Where to get Construction Plans Printed?

The construction industry is¬†once again on the upswing with more new construction starts month-over-month consistently during¬†the past couple of years at least. ¬†This is great for the economy, great for, and great for all of our friends¬†in the construction and design-build industries! ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†… Read more »

Who has low cost construction plan printing?

While the printing¬†industry is certainly changing, your construction plan printing is in good hands with Blueprints Printing. ¬†New procedures, print technology, and great carriers have made it possible for a few¬†online printing companies to emerge. ¬†So how do you tell who can get the work done and get it to you on time? There are… Read more » is Growing!

It is with happy hearts and shining optimism that we write today to tell you all of our company’s expansion. ¬†We have recently¬†finalized the web programming and order routing procedures to bring our Atlanta printing facility online. Starting today we are printing and shipping out of, not one, but two large print facilities – one… Read more »

Printing in the Digital Age

The fact that printed blueprints are increasingly being replaced by BIM systems and electronic versions of construction plans has not been lost on us. Some folks have questioned the wisdom of starting a blueprinting company in this digital age. There are questions about the sustainability of printed paper products as well. Our response has consistently… Read more »