Printing in the Digital Age


The fact that printed blueprints are increasingly being replaced by BIM systems and electronic versions of construction plans has not been lost on us. Some folks have questioned the wisdom of starting a blueprinting company in this digital age. There are questions about the sustainability of printed paper products as well. Our response has consistently been that the need for hard copy plans will exist long into the foreseeable future.  As it turns out, paper may be a more environmentally conscious construction planning option than electronic. Large format printing is still important for constructions companies and architects. However, where they previously would print ten to twenty sets of plans, they are now printing one to five sets to send to the job site, or to share with contractors. Our customers Рbuilders, architects, engineers, contractors, and subs Рhave often expressed the need and desire to layout a set of large format plans on the workbench, to touch, and connect with a tangible set of plans.  Being able to leaf through a full set of plans to see how the different layers of construction Рfrom foundation, to framing, to plumbing, to electrical Рall come together is something that is not as readily achievable with an electronic set of plans.  With printed blueprints, onsite contractors and subs can easily view their respective parts of the construction project in the context of the whole build.

Some have noted the cost efficiency in estimating projects using a digital platform and software.   We cannot dispute the accuracy of certain software programs in helping the contractor get costs right, but when it comes time to sub out the job, and work off of the plans onsite, most of our customers attest that is very useful to have a few hard copy sets available.  A set of our tyvek plans cannot be beaten for onsite work, and durability in all weather.  Electronic tablets just are not as accessible in the elements, or as user friendly on the job site.

Our mission at is to provide an excellent printed product that is extremely convenient to order, low cost, and quickly delivered. ¬†Ordering and receiving blueprints through our website is so affordable and easy that it negates many of the benefits of electronic plans and going digital. ¬†However, we don’t plan to resist change or stand in the way of progress either. ¬†We are coupling our printing services with cloud storage and a online ¬†social network and information sharing platform for the design/build industries to make both the digital and the hard copy¬†affordable, accessible, and convenient.

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