Tyvek is another DuPont material that is wonderful in a printed application. You can read more on the Features page under the Tyvek picture about this fabric. Because of the durability, and relative affordability of Tyvek, project managers, architects, engineers, and other professionals have started using Tyvek on the job site for construction plans and other waterproof documents that they may need. One set of Tyvek will last on the job site the entire length of the project, allowing redlines, notations, and other information to be preserved on the drawing without having to scan the old documents and reprint.

Our Tyvek comes in rolls for printing and we can print up to 36” wide by any length at less expense than typical vinyl canvas. This application allows temporary job-site banners that stand up to all weather and yet are less expensive than vinyl canvas banners.

The many uses of Tyvek are beginning as templates for masonry work, to print the entire wall or floor plan in life-size allowing for simple template based construction. This makes the job easier allows masonry and other piece work to be done with great precision.

Give us a call if you have any questions about Tyvek.