The Alternative to the “Print Shops Near Me”


It has been an unfortunate, decades-long, tradition in the design and build industries to waste many valuable man hours running around town, dealing with “print shops near me” sales reps, and paying high prices to get construction plan printing done. is changing all this.  We like to say we are bringing the dot com revolution to the printing industry.  With our fully automated system, easy file upload, instant price quotes on both printing and shipping, quick ordering, and speedy delivery across the U.S., we are making life so much simpler for project managers, architects, engineers, and other design-build professionals.  We are in the process of modernizing an industry that has unfortunately become stuck in the last century.  We aim to make our platform and ordering process as user friendly and convenient for the engineer, architect, contractor, and subcontractor, as Amazon or any of the other modern web service and e-commerce sites that have made so many other facets of our lives more quick and simple.

Beside offering convenience and speed, our volume pricing for everyone also makes it very cost effective for large construction firms to do their printing through us rather than purchase in-house plotters.  Cutting costs and saving time are the names of the games in today’s busy and ultra-competitive bidding and building sectors. Blueprints Printing is here to give you a big advantage in those profit hungry games.  The print shops near me just don’t have what I need anymore in order to compete in the dot com world.

So stop searching for the “print shops near me” and just go ahead and sign up for a free account with  You will immediately appreciate the convenience and cost savings that our printing dot com revolution is bringing into the design-build world!


Tracy Lightel


I am looking for a place that offers black and white 18″ x 24″ copies (about 10) from pdf to paper in order to do preliminary inquiries at health and building departments for a proposed build. I need info on pricing and shipping windows. Thanks.

John Cooney

Looking for someone to make scaled prints from my pdf saved drawings. Looking at pricing and lead time.
Please reach back,

Matt Mossbarger

Hi John,

All pricing can be found at If the drawings are submitted before 11AM local time, the items are typically printed and shipped the same day. We have print floors in: Jacksonville, FL; Bethlehem, PA; Salt Lake, UT; and Las Vegas, NV. Transit times via UPS Ground are typically 1-3 business days. Expedited shipping is available during checkout. Ground shipping is weight-calculated, and most orders are $13.50 to ship ground. We have a FAQ page that has many answers to common questions here. You are welcome to call us with any questions at 888.507.1002. Thanks!


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