Have questions about our automated online printing service?  Here are answers to some of the more common questions we get asked, as well as some instructions for navigating our site….

  • How do I get a quote on printing?
    • Our system is fully automated. Just upload your files, go through the checkout process, and along the way you will notice the system building an order total for you. This is your total for the printing. All files can be directly printed right from the web site without you having to leave your desk! Once you order the prints, they will be on their way to you in under 24 hours.
  • What is your pricing?
  • What payment methods can I use?
    • We currently accept all forms of the major credit cards to pay for your blueprints, proposals, architectural renderings, large color documents, and more. After you have been a customer for 90 days, you may apply for credit terms with us.  Call 888-507-1002.
  • What is the shipping time?
    • Your orders will be printed and shipped the same day for most orders received by 11AM; for orders that are placed after that cut off time, they will normally be shipped out the following day. We print “best effort” on orders and the vast majority of orders print and ship the same day.  However, there may be times (due to order flow, machine malfunction, weather, personnel shortage, etc.) where the job does not ship that day.  Also, if the order is very large, or there is a problem with the order, customer service will contact you with the details regarding any delay. So, please ensure that you have updated contact info where we can reach you! We currently print and ship out of Bethlehem, PA; Jacksonville, FL; Austin, TX; Indianapolis, IN; Las Vegas, NV; and Salt Lake City, UT. Orders will reach 95% of the USA population in 2 days via UPS Ground.  We also offer expedited two-day and overnight shipping with UPS.
  • Tip to see our print floor status
    • To see our print floor status, go to https://blueprintsprinting.com/contact/ where you can find a status of the print floors.  This is helpful to know when you are ordering your job.  Sometimes, inclement weather, shipping services, or holidays will affect the print times.  Checking this page will give you a better idea on the status of any delays to your job.
    • We also have a new banner that displays on the Home page that will alert you to most issues.
  • What types of files can you take?
    • We only allow PDF files to be uploaded as they allow our automated software to manipulate the files. We automate to keep costs low so that we can offer you a great price on printing. PDF’s are now the standard file sharing format for blueprints, engineering drawings, and construction documents, and spec books. We will be adding many other features to the site, and PDF is a format that integrates well across all kinds of software and printing platforms.
  • How do I upload files?
    • In the Account Manager screen, click on either the “Media Manager” link or the “Plan Room” link beneath your name. This will open a window that will ask you to select the file that you want to upload. Click “Browse” and go the file on your computer that you want to upload. A drop down list appears, so pick the “Blueprints” for large format or “Specs” for small format, whichever most clearly designates the type of file then upload the document. The document will then appear in your Plan Room or Media Manager.
  • How do I print blueprints for a file I uploaded?
    • From the “Home” screen, click “Print a new job” or go to your Media Manager and select a file to print by clicking “Order” on the right hand side of that file. This will begin the ordering options.
  • Understanding the “File Upload” options.
    • The “File Upload” feature allows you to designate what type of file it is that you are uploading. This gives you specific options as you order that item.
      • Blueprints option: This designation is for large black and white documents, engineering and architectural drawings that are larger than 12×18 that you can upload to the site. Don’t worry, if they are in color, you can designate how you want them to look during checkout.
      • Spec Book option: This designation is for specification books, manuals, or other black and white small format documents (8.5×11) that you would like printed. These books are bound differently, using comb, spiral, or post bindings and typically accompany large plans.
      • Proposal: This designation is for proposal books that you are sending to potential customers. These books or booklets are typically in color, and this designates them to be printed on heavier paper stock and either color or a mix of color and black and white.
      • Lg. Color Print: This designation is for a large format color document. Many times architects, construction companies, engineering firms, and other customers may need a large color document for a proposal or a presentation. You can get these documents right through blueprintsprinting.com by uploading with this designation. Our prints are very high-quality. We can ship these to designated addresses, just as you would ship blueprints.
  • What if I need to insert pages or delete pages or do other things with the file I am giving you?
    • 1.  We offer free, distributable tools from PDFill to manipulate the files. Just click on “PDFill” tab on the left-side menu in your account. This tab provides with links and instructions on downloading and using the software. PDFill will allow to merge, extract, and create pdf documents.
    • 2.  You can also merge, adjust pages, or other functions during upload or in your Media Manager.   Merging your PDF files of the same size before uploading them to our site is a great way to save yourself from having to upload many different files.  There is a merge function that is built right into the upload!
    • 3.  In the Media Manager, you can also edit PDF files.  Just select the file by clicking the checkbox next to the file you want to edit, then click the “Edit PDF” button located near the bottom of the file list.  This will open a window that allows you to edit the PDF that you selected.  You can remove pages or reorder the pages by dragging pages to where you would like them.
  • What are “Order Notes” on the Checkout Screen?
    • Order Notes are direct instructions or clarifications that you can add to your order.  Need Saturday Delivery, special requests on your prints, sizing or scale directions, or other things that you would like to give us?  Use the “Order Notes” section of the Checkout Screen to communicate these directions to us.
    • Order Notes are also sent directly to the production and shipping personnel particular to the print floor who will be producing your job.  This is a handy way to give us instructions that may be outside of the normal order flow.
      • Example:  You need a drawing to scale up or scale down with easy measurements… just let us know that the order should be 50% to scale or 200% to scale (or any other percentage).  We will size your drawing accordingly at no cost to you!
  • What is the “Buy More Storage” button used for in the Account Manager?
    • The “Buy More Storage” is used to buy additional file storage space on our cloud. This gives you an option to buy the Plan Room software including all updates and improvements in a subscription based format. As we upgrade and add new features, you continue to pay a low price for both Plan Room file sharing functions and storage. The Plan Room Module is $5.00 per month and the storage is $0.75 per 1GB of file storage in the cloud.
  • What does the Plan Room Module give me?
    • The Plan Room Module will allow you to share files with other people, organize your files into folders, download your files, and organize addenda and other documents to your plans in the same folders. It also allows a download portal that can be given out to people not connected within the Blueprints Printing web site.
  • How do I tell what I am signed up for or what I have ordered?
    • Under “Addresses and Orders” in the Account Management feature, you will find an area that; lists your subscriptions, organizes your addresses, and details the orders that are most recent in your account. It will also display your saved “Payment Methods” with the only the last four digits of the credit card displayed.
  • Can one company have multiple accounts?
    • Yes. One company may have many accounts. Just send us an invite request or have another person in your company who has an account send you an invite to the site. It’s that easy.
  • How do I get a “Coupon Code”?
    • By inviting people from inside and outside your organization, you can get coupon codes that will automatically populate to your Account Manager screen (Dashboard). These codes can then be put into the final order screen to discount your order.
    • The policy for receiving a $50 credit using the Invitation Software Module:
      1. Each user invited must be a unique person. The same unique person ordering with multiple email addresses will not have their coupons honored.
      2. A company can have multiple unique persons. Multiple unique persons invited through the invitation software module in the same company who sign up for an account will count towards the inviting party coupon.
      3. Unique whole companies invited who sign up for an account are counted towards the receipt of the coupon. If multiple unique persons in the whole company are invited using the software module, each unique person will also count towards coupon codes.
      4. Multiple email accounts that are tracked to one unique person will not count as an invitation nor count towards a $50 credit. The coupon and order will be denied, unless a clear chain of electronic communication is used to justify and verify that the user has been allowed by Sales or Service to receive the coupon.
      5. Abuse of the Invitation module will be grounds to deny service for the order in question or subsequent orders from the user(s).
      6. The $50 credit may be used at any time for a unique order, but it will not be available for multiple orders.
  •  I need to make more room in my Media Manager, how do I do that?
    • The “Delete” option allows you to free up more file storage space for jobs that you no longer want. This frees up instant storage for you. If you need more storage and do not want to delete files, click the “Buy More Storage” button on the “Home” page in your Account Manager.
  • What modules are available right now?
    • Printing and Plan Room Modules are available right now. The Plan Room functionality is still limited to simply file storage as we test other part of it. Once the Plan Room software is completed, a Plan Room link will replace the Media Manager on the Account Manager. This will occur if you have purchased additional storage, which unlocks the Plan Room functionality.
  • Why can’t I share or download my documents?
    • Downloading documents is only available in the Plan Room Module. That module can be purchased by purchasing a minimum of 1GB of storage on the site. This is priced at just $5.75 per month and will give you full functionality for the Plan Room. The Plan Room Module itself is $5.00 per month, and the additional 1GB of storage is $0.75. When you purchase the Plan Room, additional options appear to download and share the documents.  This module is nearing completion and should soon be available.
  • How do I delete an item out of my cart?
    • Click the red “X” next to the item. The system automatically updates the total for you.
  • How do I save a payment method in my account or delete a payment method in my account?
    • Once a credit card is used, the system will automatically save it in the account. The credit card will be designated by the last four digits of the card. The card can be deleted under the Addresses and Orders area in the Account Manager. At the very bottom of the screen, the software will show the saved payment methods. Simply click the “X” next to the payment method to delete it.
  • How do I use my credit terms?
    • Once you have filled out the application (available after 90 days of usage on our site), a radio button will appear during Checkout for you to click that will put the order on your account. Accounts can be paid at any time with credit card or Auto-ACH from a checking account that you designate to be used for that purpose.
  • How do I upload an image to my “Profile” portion of the Account Manager?
    • Click your name. A window will appear to the right of your name, go to “Edit Profile”, OR click the “Profile” link on the left hand side of the screen. Click on the “Action” button below the area where you could put in a picture. Click “Change Photo”. Choose a JPG or PNG file from your computer. Click “Update Avatar” which uploads the file and the picture will change. It will automatically resize to the window.
  • How do I “Logout” of the Account Manager?
    • Click your name and a window will appear to the right of your name. Click “Logout”.