Bond Printing Paper

Bond printing paper is the common, slightly rough surfaced paper used for writing, printing, and drawing, etc. Bond paper derives its name from the original use of this tough paper for the printing of government bonds.

We offer several grades of bond paper for printing: 20# white, 20# Colored (the paper is colored pink, blue, yellow, and green), 24# white, and 32# white bond. The grade of bond paper is important to how your print looks.

For specs and regular blueprints, a 20# bond is high enough grade and durable enough for most uses. It also has the added advantage of being the least expensive option of all our bonds. Use the 20# Colored Bond choice to make colored divisions in your drawings and spec books to separate different sections.

For proposals, color renderings, and other prints where your print needs to be clear and look sharp on the page, use a heavier grade bond – 24# for proposals, 32# for large format color renderings. These heavier bonds look whiter and allow for a much brighter finish for your color document. The heavier the bond, the better the print looks because heavier bond allow less background light through the print.