Who has low cost construction plan printing?

While the printing industry is certainly changing, your construction plan printing is in good hands with Blueprints Printing.  New procedures, print technology, and great carriers have made it possible for a few online printing companies to emerge.  So how do you tell who can get the work done and get it to you on time?

There are pros and cons of each service and each way of getting prints:

  1. Local Copy Shop –
    1. Pros –
      1. Fast service, typically.  The local copy shops that do large-format construction plans have machines locally and you get your plans quickly.
    2. Cons –
      1. Low capacity and lack of expertise – it is a toss-up if you will get high-quality service, especially at retail stores like Staples, Office Max, or UPS.
      2. Expensive – the typical 24×36 plan will usually be anywhere from $1.50 to $3.00, for one sheet!  That gets pricey!
      3. Inflexible – most copy shops do not ship drawings inexpensively and they are not experts at it.  If your offices are in NYC and you have a job in Maryland, it can be a huge hassle to get your plans where you need them.
      4. One place of business – by having only one place of business, local and some online companies put your jobs at risk.  If a machine goes down, if there are issues with that site, how long will you have to wait for them to do repairs?
  2. Online from Blueprintsprinting.com
    1. Pros –
      1. Fast service even on very big jobs.
      2. Large capacity – Our company has the ability to print millions of sheets per month.
      3. Inexpensive – our 24×36 sheets are only $0.66 each… that’s 66 cents!  Our price comparisons have routinely shown that we are the lowest cost option for construction plan printing.
      4. High-quality – we are experts in the field of construction printing, meaning that your prints get our full attention, because that is our singular business.  If there are problems with the file, adjustments that have to be made, our experts can suggest solutions.
      5. Automated – phone calls to sales reps, driving to the local shop, sending files and instructions via email are time-consuming activities.  The average trip to the local shop can cost hours of time, depending on where you are and where it is.
      6. Easy – Ordering from us is easy… you can order with your phone, from the job site, right after you do the markup, and our system automates the entire process from beginning to end.
      7. Distributed – We have a distributed print system where your job is not reliant on one shop.  No waiting around for the printer to get repaired.
    2. Cons –
      1. Shipping times – for a lot of jobs you need those plans fast.
      2. Shipping costs – for jobs under 20 sheets, it makes all the sense in the world to go to a local shop.  They are fast and they will be less expensive for small jobs.


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