Monthly Archives: December 2014

A Blueprint for 2015

There are many exciting things on the horizon in 2015 for Blueprints Printing and for the construction industry as a whole.   There are also a number of trends and emerging changes to keep an eye on as you plan for business in the new year. After much planning, strategy, marketing research, and web design in 2014,… Read more »

Happy Holidays From Blueprints Printing

Well, we got off to a great start this fall – getting the website up and running, forming some wonderful strategic partnerships, and shipping out quite a few print orders.  As we take a moment to reflect on our progress thus far before breaking for the holidays, we find ourselves quite pleased.  And, we are… Read more »

Uses for Tyvek Blueprints and Banners

Having been in the reprography industry for quite some time, I can tell you that one of the best new products on the market is the Tyvek blueprint or banner for the job site.  In an environment where mud, dirt, snow, rain, sawdust, and metal shavings are all common, paper blueprints tend to go through… Read more »

Time Transport for Architects, Engineers & Construction Firms

Recognizing that technology is changing our lives, our work, and our ways of interacting more quickly than ever before in history, we have designed the platform in a way that allows it to easily be adapted to technological change.  The platform itself is designed to make the modernization process for architectural, construction, and engineering… Read more »