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Printing Sewing Patterns – Part 2

  Announcing our new feature for all those seamsters and seamstresses out there (new sewing pattern printing custom sizing).  Tired of taping 8.5x11s together?  We wanted to let you know about some of the new features and benefits of using Blueprints Printing for your sewing patterns.  When purchasing patterns online, many sites now offer a “copy… Read more »

The Latest Newsletter Is Out

The latest newsletter with a coupon for the summer build season is out!  Please check it out here!

Streamline Your Workflow – 2 of 3 – Color and Tyvek

In this second part of this series, how can you help your team be more efficient when on the job site? One of the many types of prints that we offer are color prints and Tyvek prints.  Let’s talk about how this can improve your workflow and build accuracy. Color for Clarity When jobs are… Read more »

Streamline Your Workflow – 1 of 3

How Much Is Your Time Worth? We gain a lot of insight from our customers to see why they come to us.  Usually, this comes down to one of three reasons:  time, workflow, and money.  In this blog, we explore the time savings you can experience using our site. The “old” way of ordering plans… Read more »

Printing Sewing Patterns

There has been a remarkable revival in at-home sewing that has taken place over the last 5-10 years. Once thought to be struggling remnants of dying industries, fabric and sewing machine sales have rebounded sharply, as a new generation do-it-yourselfers, and folks just looking for a little individual flare to their clothing, have taken up the hobby of sewing… Read more »

ARCH and ANSI Drawings, Printing Online

ARCH and ANSI are standard plan document sizes which we have centered our low cost print options around.  Some of our customers are not familiar with these architectural and engineering standards and often have questions for us regarding blueprint sizing.  Hopefully this blog post will help clarify some of that confusion.  We have an ARCH and… Read more »

From PDF to Print

Great news!  Our new multi-file upload and PDF merging/editing software is now complete and has been added to our web platform.  Our users are now able to upload multiple PDF files within a single folder in one easy step.  These multi-file uploads can then be merged into a single PDF for a much quicker ordering… Read more »

Analyzing a Wide Format Printer Purchase

Many of our customers have told us how they have gotten rid of their plotters or wide format printers after finding out about our printing services and prices.  Depending how much wide format printing your construction, contracting, or architectural firm does, the ROI on a wide format printer just might not add up… especially when compared… Read more »

Large Format Document Solutions

From small to large quantities, is your go-to for all types of large format document printing. We specialize in construction, architecture, engineering, and design-build documents, but we have also been known to print large format black and white photos for art gallery installations, window coverings, maps, model schematics, sanskrit scrolls for religious ceremony, flow… Read more »

What is Design-Build

The construction, architecture, and engineering industries have changed significantly over the past decade.  One of perhaps the most impactful changes shaking up these industries is the shift towards the design-build model of project delivery.  Design-build is a relatively new project managment system wherein the design and construction components are considered and calculated concurrently.  A design-build team works as… Read more »