A Blueprint for 2015

There are many exciting things on the horizon in 2015 for Blueprints Printing and for the construction industry as a whole.   There are also a number of trends and emerging changes to keep an eye on as you plan for business in the new year.

After much planning, strategy, marketing research, and web design in 2014, we successfully  launched our website in September.  The orders started to role in shortly thereafter, and we were able to iron out a few minor kinks in our operation.  We are very happy with our blueprints printing and delivery processes now, and we are confident that are system is a fully optimized and well-oiled machine going into 2015. We are excited and ready to print and ship out all of those spring construction project plans.  The team is gearing up now to really put some time and man hours into our plan room  software development and our construction industry social networking platform.  Look for those new features to be available for integration into your Blueprintsprinting.com accounts sometime towards mid year.

New Construction StartsSpeaking of 2o15¬†construction projects; what does it look like for construction in 2015? ¬†We know new construction has been picking up over the past year, and we are hopeful that this trend will accelerate on into 2015. ¬†With oil prices lower than they have been in at least 5 years, and the U.S. economy picking up speed, we expect to see a strong market for new construction and remodels next year.¬† We decided to dig around a little to see what the experts were saying….

Dodge Data and Analytics estimates commercial building to increase by 15% in 2015; institutional building to rise 9%, and public works construction to increase 5%.  The National Association of Homebuilders estimates that as the economy improves, millennials find work and move into their own homes, there will be increased demand for single-family and multi-family housing production.  They estimate 802,000 and  356,000 new starts in each of these categories respectively over the coming year. The regions likely to see the most growth in new construction in 2015 are predominantly in the south including the metro regions of Houston, Charlotte, San Antonio, Dallas, Nashville, and Charleston, with substantial growth also expected in Seattle and Salt Lake City.  Expected growth notwithstanding, we expect the importance of efficiency and cost saving measure to continue in the construction industry.  The days of large margins are unfortunately behind us, which is why the low cost services that we provide at blueprintsprinting.com will continue to be essential.

Some trends we expect to see gaining steam in the construction industry include increasing focus on sustainable design, and Leed certified buildings. ¬†We also expect to see continued¬†emphasis placed on “smart city” infrastructure projects¬†as well as more vertical development within metropolitan areas.

Within the design/build industry we are also, of course, expecting to see the professionals moving more and more toward mobile construction management products which is why we are staying focused on making our site and all of our services mobile friendly.  2015 will also be a continuation of gradual shift toward electronic blueprints and digital sharing of plans.  Our bridging platform will make that transition smooth and painless.

All in all, we expect 2015 to be a prosperous year for all of us in the design/build industries!  We hope you will come share in the prosperity and journey through the year with us.  Happy New Year from the Blueprints Printing team!!

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