Uses for Tyvek Blueprints and Banners

Having been in the reprography industry for quite some time, I can tell you that one of the best new products on the market is the Tyvek blueprint or banner for the job site.  In an environment where mud, dirt, snow, rain, sawdust, and metal shavings are all common, paper blueprints tend to go through a deconstruction machine right as you construct the very building they lay out.

How often have construction plans been so beat up that the revisions get lost in translation?  How often does some accidental plumbing leak hose down the plans?  How often do you wish that John wouldn’t splash the blueprints with the drink and mustard from the hotdog he just got at 7-Eleven, because it covered up and washed out the redlines that you painstakingly did just the other day?  These and many other scenarios are so common on job sites, and in the trailer, that blueprints are only safe for a moment. Edited_Hammer_Blueprint

Tyvek, as you know, is the weatherproofing that is incredible when wrapping a building.  It rarely tears, is water- and weatherproof, and now, you can print on it.  Blueprints can be washed off, and they still retain their inks, whether printed or drawn on them with pen.  These types of job site blueprints are being adopted by some of the biggest construction companies in the West.

We wanted to make Tyvek affordable, really affordable, to you.  Whether you are a major construction company with huge projects or working on a custom home or roadbed, these Tyvek, weatherproof, waterproof blueprints are nearly bullet-proof and stand up to the toughest conditions.

Printed Tyvek also makes a great job site banner.  Much less than traditional printed vinyl banners, Tyvek allows you to print a banner and get the word out about your construction service without spending a ton of money to do it.  These banners can be 3 ½ ft wide by any length you want, and at only a third the cost of vinyl, they make a ton of sense.  Because they are less expensive, you can change the marketing message that you have on it more frequently.

You can order Tyvek Banners or Tyvek Blueprints directly from our web site.  Now, let John eat in peace.  Your blueprints and revisions to the plans are safe now.