Fully Mobile

As technology changes everything we do, mobility becomes the increasingly sought-after will-o-wisp that somehow we all know is possible. Yet how do you know that something is truly useful and not just simply causing an increase in the amount of communication that you never seem to get to? That is the major question that we are asking as we build the software on this new platform. How do we make it useful and also not overwhelm with information, make it usable and make it simple enough that the use of the software is guaranteed to supplement rather than detract from your day, keep you engaged longer with what you need to do, yet give you the tools that you need to truly enhance your efficiency.

Our site is based on the ability to go mobile, built in from the very beginning. As we add modules and services, we are keeping an eye on the platform itself. As you use our print software, let us know how we are doing on keeping everything mobile on our support site at http://support.blueprintsprinting.com. The software will resize automatically to the screen size, and the clicks needed to send prints should be very minimal.

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