Floating on a Cloud

So, we mentioned that we have cloud storage available for our subscribers, right?  When you create an account with us, your business automatically receives 500 megabytes of free, safely secured storage.  Additional storage space is available at very reasonable prices on a buy-what-you-need, when-you-need-it, and subscription basis.  In other words, if you have a very busy season when you need to store a lot of plans on our cloud for future printing, you are able to buy an extra gigabyte of storage for that seasonal uptick.  Then, when thing slow down again, just cancel the extra cloud space and go back to a smaller amount of storage, or to the free 150 MB plan.  Simple!  Having plans and documents stored in your own personal media manager with Blueprints Printing makes it simple to keep everything organized, and makes it quick and easy to order new prints whenever you need them from anywhere on your mobile device or desktop.

In addition, we are currently working on adding some very useful functionality to our cloud-based plan room.  We want each of our subscribers to have their own personalized storage space on our cloud.  Our platform will allow subscribers to file plans in folders, keep them organized by project, see what projects they have already printed, and so on.  Perhaps the most exciting part of our expanding platform, though, will be the ability to share your plans with members of your team, subcontractors, engineers, architects, or with whomever you need to.  The plan room will enable you to invite colleagues by email to view and download your blueprints, spec books, proposals, and other documents.  They will be invited to your company’s personalized page, with your logo and company webpage design on the Blueprints Printing cloud, where they will be able to download or view the pdf files you have designated to share with them.  Having this ability to share plans and construction information electronically will be a huge time and cost saving benefit for Blueprints Printing subscribers!

This is the direction the construction industry is already moving – toward mobile and electronic information sharing platforms. The advantage of making the transition with Blueprintsprinting.com, as we described in our previous blog post, is that your business can make the transition in easy, painless incremental steps. Our programming team is working on the software now.  Set up your Blueprints Printing account today to take advantage of these upcoming innovations in plan sharing and construction management!

Read more about how the design and build industries are using the cloud here:


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