Welcome to Blueprints Printing! I wanted to talk a little bit about why this idea was birthed and to welcome you to the continuing unfolding of this site that I hope will be a wonderful tool for you.

First off, as I look around my house or see the buildings going up in the downtown district here in Ogden, I get reminded of all of the incredible infrastructure, shelters, places of work, and beautiful structures that you build. All of you, from architects and engineers to framers and project managers, all collaborate to make this time of unparalleled convenience what it is. It is truly amazing to me how much we enjoy and even take for granted the incredible work that has gone into everything around us. You do this for us! You… the electrical contractor, the general, the mason, the apprentice and journeyman, the architect with the idea, the customer with the vision of what they want, the framer, the plumber, the road worker… so many people involved in giving us roads and buildings, infrastructure and lighting. You are the ones that gave us lighting to finish our projects, wiring for the sharing of ideas across the internet, structures to keep us out of storms and give us warmth during the winter and a cool place to be during the summer, convenience, countless hours of leisure, and a lifestyle that people a hundred years ago only dreamed of. You build it. Thank you. You dream up the ideas, you execute. You make ideas come to life, and we benefit greatly. No matter who you are or what you are doing at this point, the projects that you bring to life have brought us unparalleled opportunity for building our dreams.

I have been involved in the reprography and print industries for a while now, and as each print went out the door, as I listened and talked with your counterparts, as I saw each construction plan leave the building, I kept asking myself if there were a better way to do all of this. As I watched engineers meet with planning commission members or city planning committee people at the front counter, I kept asking, is there a more convenient, efficient, and better way to help streamline the very processes that have been cumbersome for so long. It was here that the idea for blueprintsprinting.com was born. Basically, it is an idea that we have that you shouldn’t have to spend so much time and effort in the ancillary duties of getting the information out there to the others involved in the projects that you are working on. There should be a more convenient, less expensive, and faster way of disseminating information.

So we begin here. Print from your desk, and forego the trip to the local blueprinting shop. Upload and get the files to the people who need to see them. Order your prints and ship them anywhere within minutes. You work hard enough, give yourself the 30 minutes or the hour back to do more or enjoy the leisure that you helped create for us. This is the beginning only. We promise you tools that will make your job easier and easier, your network bigger and bigger, your customers happier and more connected with what is going on, your ability to get the job done faster with less communication problems, and your time spent doing other than your core specialty cut down. We like simple; simple enough and powerful enough are the keys to the software and services we are building for you. Enjoy the site, and let us know how we are doing.

Welcome, and thanks.

Matthew Mossbarger, CEO

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