Making Blueprints Easy

One of our primary motivations for creating and something we have kept central throughout our start-up process is ease-of-use.  Our website is intended to be extremely user friendly and to make your life as a contractor, architect, or construction manager ever-so-much simpler.  Everything can be done right from your desk and our comprehensive support site and knowledgeable support staff are always available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Just for fun, let us walk you through our simple ordering process here in 10 simple steps:

Step 1:  Click on [Start Your Order]

Step 2:  Enter your user name, password, and email to create a account.

Step 3:  You are now ready to order – simply click on [Upload Another File] and upload your plan pdfs right from your personal computer.

Step 4:  Choose formatting [Blueprint, Specbook, Proposal, Lg. Color Print]

  1. Blueprint – a blueprint is typically a black & white document sized at, or larger than 11×17 in print size that is typically rolled and shows either architectural or engineering layouts.
  2. Specbook – a specbook is typically a black & white document sized at, or smaller than 11×17 and is a manual, specification or other booklet or book that explains in detail a set of procedures, engineering specifications, detailed callouts for architectural drawings or engineering drawings, or any other list of instructions (employee manuals, parts lists, equipment manuals, etc.).
  3. Proposal – proposals are typically color documents that act as sales aids and are typically printed on heavier, high-quality paper and are smaller than 11×17.  Finished with nicer binding options, proposals are much higher quality overall than specbooks.  They also require that you speak with a customer service representative in order to ensure the exact details of your order.
  4. Lg. Color Print – large color prints are full-color, high-quality prints larger than 11×17 and can be any of the following:  architectural renderings, cover sheets for plans, sales or explanatory aids for planning or sales meetings.  To ensure the highest quality needed for your print, please leave notes with your order or call customer service.

Step 5:  Click [Order] highlighted in blue next to the file in the Media Manager, or click [Print a New Job] on the home screen.

Step 6:  Choose your size (the page shows your document’s original size to the right of the drop menus), paper, appearance, and binding from the drop down menus.

Step 7: Once you have all of your specifications selected click [Add to Cart].  Repeat this process for any additional items you wish to order.

Step 8:  When you have all of your desired order materials selected and in the shopping cart simply click [View Cart].  Here you will be able to review your order items, enter a coupon code, if you have one, and then click [Proceed to Checkout].

Step 9:  On the final page have the option of shipping items to multiple addresses.  You will also enter your credit card information and billing address.  You will then have the option of choosing expedited shipping.

Step 10: Once you have entered your CC info and your shipping details simply click [Place Order].  Your print projects will be on your doorstep before you know it!

Honestly, has getting blueprints or other print projects done ever been easier?  We think not. We hope you will continue to choose for all your printing and construction management needs!

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